In joining our causes of equipping effective leaders and the people people, Blanchard® New Zealand and Brannigans are delighted to announce their business affiliation covering New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Blanchard® New Zealand is the proprietary home of SLII® in New Zealand. The Blanchard® brand provides fully reliable research-based leadership and organisational development training and resources for leading Self, Individuals, Teams, Change, Trust, Service, Coaching, Optimal Motivation, and more.

With Brannigans joining Blanchard® New Zealand as an Authorised Consulting Affiliate we are ideally positioned to fulfil client needs across all sectors in our regional community including the South Island of New Zealand, and in collaboration with our respective global partners, across the world!

As your professional services provider, we at Blanchard® – Brannigans will partner with you to help build leadership skills to increase employee engagement, retain top talent, and increase productivity and performance. Our depth and breadth of leadership consulting capability covers all industrial, commercial, and public sectors, and we are an approved ‘All-of-Government’ provider.

In essence, through our causes of equipping effective leaders and the people people we are dedicated to providing you with only the best and most reliable services and solutions based on topical research, thought leadership, and award-winning content.

We would welcome a conversation with you, so please feel welcome to contact us on –

Brannigans –    Carole Peterson mob: 027 600 44 48   DDI: 345 8751

Blanchard® – David Cordery +64 (0) 27 507 4363 or Malcolm Sutherland +64 (0) 21 638 459