We’re pleased to announce the affiliation between Andy Graves, Director of Anchor Coaching, and Blanchard® New Zealand.

Anchor Coaching and Blanchard New Zealand are fully aligned to provide leadership and coaching services and solutions based on topical research, thought leadership, and award-winning content.

Andy has significant international corporate organisational learning and development experience in business strategy, leadership and career planning for leaders and their teams.  He believes in achieving high performance and outstanding results through building increased capability and inspiring targets in engaging and interactive ways.  His goal is to enable his clients to excel in their goals, making them high performing, confident and capable individuals or teams.

Andy has been facilitating and coaching for many years in corporate organisations in the UK and New Zealand. In essence, through Blanchard New Zealand and Anchor Coaching’s joined causes of equipping effective leaders for people, performance and culture, we are dedicated to providing you with only the best and most reliable services and solutions.

Our depth and breadth of leadership consulting capability covers all industrial, commercial and public sectors, and we are an approved ‘All-of-Government’ provider.


We would welcome a conversation with you, so please feel welcome to contact us via email;

Andy Graves:  anchorcoaching.andy@gmail.com

Blanchard NZ:  service@blanchard.co.nz