January 2020 Edition 1, Volume 1, 2020

  • Ownership Succession at Blanchard NZ
  • Renaming of the Blanchard® Leadership Model
  • Opinion: Workplace Environment the Key to Productivity
  • Contacts
Ownership Succession at Blanchard NZ
Robert Bryce and David Cordery

Robert Bryce and David Cordery

The team at Blanchard® New Zealand are delighted to announce that commencing 2020 Robert Bryce and David Cordery have succeeded long-time owners Malcolm and Bridget Sutherland as the owner-operators of the company.

This business transfer to Robert and David follows an extensive global invitation for expressons of interest, as advised to all of our stakeholders in May 2019.

Along with our Authorised Consulting Affiliates we are delighted to congratulate and welcome Robert and David as the new baton holders of the Blanchard NZ business. 

Through their respective careers they bring a combined experience of more than 50 years with the Blanchard suite of leadership development solutions.
This advantageous experience enables continuity of service quality with our valued clients.

     Photo of Malcolm

In transferring the business to Robert and David we thank Bridget Sutherland for her outstanding contribution and service across all of the key roles within the company over the past twenty years, and wish her every enjoyment in retirement.

Malcolm retains a company director role to support the governance transition. Our Blanchard® New Zealand team looks forward to continuing our relationships with clients in the provision of our positively impactful Blanchard® leadership and organisational development solutions.

Renaming of the Blanchard® SLII Model

The Ken Blanchard Companies Inc. and Blanchard New Zealand are pleased to advise that effective 2020 the proprietary name of our renowned leadership model has been amended to simply identify as ‘SLII®’ and ‘The SLII® Model’.

This renaming distinguishes the Blanchard® leadership model from other variations, and supports generational language along with digital-friendly learning media.

SLII® training with the new name will continue to be delivered by licensed Blanchard businesses worldwide. This announcement gives us the opportunity to thank all of our New Zealand clients and learners, who are amongst the five million personnel worldwide who are positively impacted by SLII® each year.

We warmly invite you to engage with our consultants in conversations about SLII® with its flexible range of modern learning designs and modalities options. You are also welcome to explore the range of associated learning programmes that can be designed into leadership learning journeys to beneficially impact leadership effectiveness, business results, and human wellness.  


Opinion: Workplace Environment the key to Productivity

LB +/- = PC +/-

The impact of leadership behaviour offers a direct effect on productivity contribution. Congratulations to the New Zealand Productivity Commission on its draft report on Training New Zealand’s workforce.


The New Zealand Productivity Commission aims to lift New Zealand’s productivity, and, as a result, lift the wellbeing of New Zealanders.
As a component of this endeavour the Commission has released a draft paper on training New Zealand’s workforce. This paper is strong on technology training. Submissions close 17 February 2020. In supporting client organisations through the past 35 years to measurably transform productivity, results and culture, Blanchard New Zealand shares the Commissions aim.

In our experience we agree that New Zealand needs to embrace technology, caveat – along with leadership behaviour skillsets, as a path to higher levels of productivity and community wellbeing. We agree that more and faster technology, along with behavioural leadership skills adoption, will improve New Zealand’s living standards.

The Commission notes that education and training to gain new skills and knowledge is of enduring importance to workers, to employers and to the wider economy.

That beneficially, education and training can equip workers to advance their career, change careers, minimise the impact of job displacement and promote greater income security.

A more highly skilled workforce makes it easier for firms to adopt new technologies and to respond nimbly to changing business circumstances.
The report also notes that barriers to training may include time, costs, information, quality and relevance of available offerings.
Our added observation is that a singular focus on technology training to the exclusion of workplace environment development through behavioural leadership training at all levels is also a significant barrier.

Wide experience and research strongly indicates that the benefits noted in the report are a product of the working and/or learning environment. Similarly, a sound analysis will identify that the workplace environment itself is a product of the quality of leadership behaviour.

In a chain effect, the quality of leadership behaviour directly impacts the motivational outlook and mindset of employees and learners. In turn, this motivational outlook impacts individuals sense wellbeing, intentions, behaviours, performance, results and transformation.

To positively leverage this chain effect and lift New Zealand’s productivity and community wellbeing, access to a flexible range of behavioural leadership training modalities needs to be included in the mix with enhanced access to technology training. The combination will result in incremental and compounding growth in productivity with wellbeing.


Best wishes to all from the team at Blanchard New Zealand

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