Blanchard® NZ, hosted a Leadership Interest Group (LIG) gathering in Auckland in late June 2021.

The purpose of the LIG is to bring together like-minded professionals in the Learning & Development sector to share knowledge and experience, particularly around leadership.  We took the opportunity to introduce Blanchard NZ’s new team members, Authorised Consulting Affiliates Tim Waite (Tim Waite Coaching), Andy Graves (Anchor Coaching) and Kim Arnold (Brannigans Queenstown).

Based on feedback from previous gatherings, time was allocated to facilitating conversation amongst the attendees, enabling best practice sharing and discussion of ideas.  Topics at this session included:  Return on Investment for Learning and Development, Learning in a Brave New World, Facilitation Tips and Tricks, Energisers and Icebreakers and Sustaining Behaviour Change.

The discussions were rich and diverse and some flipcharts were created to highlight the key points around Return on Investment, and Leading in a Brave New World (see below).

Blanchard NZ also shared a new series of post-training impact surveys that are now being offered for most of our courses.  These are completed online and consist of two surveys – one immediately after training which measures skill level impact before and after training, and one 60 days after training to measure behavioural change after training.  These can be administered by Blanchard, or via client’s inhouse systems.

 See example results below:


The feedback received from this LIG session was overwhelmingly positive – attendees got value from sharing with other professionals across the Learning and Development spectrum.

Blanchard NZ holds these sessions twice a year – the next one is planned for late November 2021.  If you would like to attend, please contact service@blanchard.co.nz to be added to the list.