The Blanchard New Zealand team attended a recent ‘Meet the Author’ session with Judd Hoekstra and Pat Zigarmi, the co-authors of Blanchard’s Leading People Through Change program.

60%–70% of change efforts fail —Gartner, Gallup & Harvard Business Review

Many change leadership approaches on the market are good in theory, but tough for most executives and managers to put into practice.  One of the greatest strengths of the Leading People Through Change program is its practicality. Leaders learn to think differently and take different and better actions immediately

A lot of change managers often communicate where THEY are, not where the receivers of the message are. – Judd Hoekstra

The program is focused on people leadership during the change process and is one of the few approaches to change that focuses on people, rather than process or project management.  There is a proactive approach to developing the mindset, skillset, process and tools need to successfully initiate implement and sustain change over time and is ideal for leaders who are not change experts.

Judd and Patt introduced the research based Leading People Through Change Model, which shows the 5 Stages of Concern, which are predictable and sequential stages that helps leaders diagnose and meet people where they are, as well as four related high-involvement leadership strategies to successfully manage change.

Many leaders focus on speed of decision making (faster top down) rather than speed of behavior change (faster with high involvement) – Judd Hoekstra

While participating in a Leading People Through Change Workshop, learners will begin working on a real-life example of a Gap Statement.  They’ll learn to Frame the Change by describing the gap between what is, and what could be.  Further development skills are taught about the three attitude pools – the Advocates, the Undecideds and the Resisters – how to engage them and get their buy-in and assistance with implementing the change.

Research shows the most change-adaptive organizations rely on their workforce—not just executives—to lead change.

The program is available a variety of modalities to suit your learning needs; face to face in person workshop, 3x 2hr Virtual Instructor Led Training sessions or as digital self-direct online learning.

If you’d like to learn more about how to lead successful change initiatives in your organisation, you can book a 15-minute chat with us or email us at service@blanchard.co.nz.