Hosted by Ann Rollins, Solutions Architect at Ken Blanchard Companies & Betty Dannewitz, Associate Learning Solutions Architect at The Ken Blanchard Companies, the webinar discussed what part technology plays in the learner experience, and how to leverage technology in new ways to enhance learning and development.

Learning innovation is something that’s been talked about for years but L&D has always been quite slow to adopt… until the last 18 months. 

Blanchard started looking at digital transformation around 2 years, ago, about three to four months prior to COVID hitting in February 2020.  Prior to COVID, Blanchard’s business was 85-90% face to face instructor led training but due to the pandemic changing the way we all worked, leadership became increasingly important, as leaders tried to navigate and lead their teams through the changes that befell us all.

Blanchard became future-focused and Took Aim at meeting 6 Enterprise Learning Needs:

  1. We Need To Reach Learners All Over the Globe
  2. We Need Things in One Place
  3. We Need To Leverage Our Organisational Investments
  4. We Need An Effective Way to Build Sales Enablement
  5. We Need to Bring People Together for Meaningful Dialogue –When They Can’t Actually Be Together
  6. We Need to Provide An Immersive Experience, But We Aren’t All Together

Blanchard has utilised technology to meet today’s learning challenges, by engaging with partners such as Intrepid, Degreed and MindTickle! .  

Technology is the key to enabling extraordinary learning experiences in our world today.

An example of this was the introduction of Intrepid Collaborative online learning platform in late 2020 for programs such as Self Leadership and Conversational Capacity.  Run with cohorts of 300-400 people around the globe, the program includes portions of self directed learning, with live sessions woven into the experience.  Intrepid also includes engaging email communications and moderated chatrooms.  Participants who complete an Intrepid course receive digital credentials from Credly, which are gaining much higher value for individuals and organisations.

Many of the Blanchard New Zealand team have participated in these Collaborative online learning sessions, and found them a fantastic way to experience the content, share experiences with cohorts all over the world, and sustain the learning.

Being able to access technology to provide different touch points, enhance learner experiences that stay with us long after the learning, is where the magic happens.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can experience new technology on your learning and development journey, you can book a 15-minute chat with us or email us at service@blanchard.co.nz.