On Friday 1st  July 2021, the Blanchard NZ Team were happy to join an online MS Teams Meet the Author session for Blanchard Global Partners, hosted by Randy Conley, .

Randy is the author as several books on Trust, and is the Vice President of Client Services & Trust Practice for Ken Blanchard Companies. Randy is the author of the award-winning Leading with Trust blog  and a contributing author of the books “Leading at a Higher Level,” “Trust, Inc.–Strategies for Building Your Company’s Most Valuable Asset,” and “Trust, Inc.–52 Weeks of Activities and Inspirations for Building Workplace Trust.” 

“Trust is the foundation of any healthy and successful relationship – not just in business!.”

Trust  helps to build collaborative relationships, increases stakeholder management, and engages employees in a trust culture.

The Blanchard®  ABCD Trust Model is easy to learn, easy to remember, and easy to implement, and consists of four elements – Able, Believable, Connected, Dependable:

How do you know if you have low trust in your organisation?

Some examples of low trust:

  • low employee engagement scores,
  • high staff turnover,
  • high stress or toxic workplace,
  • low morale,
  • low productivity

The Building Trust program is offered in a variety of modalities – a live, in person face to face 4 hour workshop, an online virtual classroom session consisting of 2x 2hr sessions, an online self-learn course of 35 minutes, plus Clicks (10-15 videos, tools and micro activities).

The program helps participants find ways to diagnose trustworthiness, introduces the ABCD trust model, and provides skills to rebuild and restore trust when it’s broken.

If you’re interested in growing trust in your organisation, contact us at service@blanchard.co.nz or check out our Building Trust webpage here