Learn how to Lead – Online, Anywhere, Anytime 

Connectivity is crucial in a learner’s journey. Accessibility regardless of location and time is needed because learning can and should occur anywhere and on a variety of devices from desktops to laptops to tablets to smartphones. So, it’s important that the content you’re studying on has been vetted on a variety of devices. At Blanchard® we consider how and where you will access the content to ensure the process works seamlessly. 

On-Demand Leadership Learning

Transform and Extend the Learning Experience

Today’s learners are accustomed to instantaneous access to information and want their learning available on demand to address their immediate needs. Using award-winning technology, at Blanchard® we offer a variety of elearning programs and tools that allow you access to our world-class leadership training in a flexible, self-paced format that’s available when and where you need it. With our elearning solutions, you have the ability to deliver valuable leadership training to all parts of your organization. It’s the perfect solution for a geographically dispersed workforce, frontline employees with limited time, and the new generation of digital natives. 

Become an expert

Learn at your own pace, consume as much content as fits your needs at the moment. elearning is easily revisited as you have access to the content in the same format and sequence as you leave it. You can revisit the content as often as you like without feeling the peer embarrassment of asking questions in a group meeting. Set you own pace and your own study plan, then follow it to become the expert you want to be.

Learn by Doing

Elearning has been proven to increase the learners’ engagement as well as overall employee engagement. Elearning is available to learners who might otherwise not have access to as many learning experiences. Additionally, since online programs are less disruptive to normal workflow, participation and engagement will more likely occur. When employees feel their organization is investing in their future success, they are more likely to be relate purposefully to the organization. 

Build your portfolio

Review the solutions available in the Blanchard® online suite and consider building an ongoing online learning journey, starting with the solution that best fits your needs for now and looking at what capability you want to develop into the future to select a tier of programmes. Contact our Blanchard New Zealand team members to discuss your needs and get any guidance you need to outline options to suit your leadership learning needs over time. 

Achieve your goals

Whatever your Learning Goal, Follow it with Purpose 

Our Blanchard® Online Learning designers understand that when taking an online learning experience, your ideal goal would be to easily and readily connect with your topic to a deep level of information. In your online learning environment, this means receiving clear information, nurturing your learning journey, and connecting at a human level with the content even though you are in a remote learning environment. Our online leadership learning solutions are all designed with these user expectations in mind, and deliver accordingly.