Leader Action Profile II (LAPII)

Are You Getting An Accurate Picture of Your Leadership Style?

The Leader Action Profile II (LAPII) reveals leadership strengths and opportunities unique to your workplace environment for how to increase leadership effectiveness. The web-based format is tightly integrated with The SLII ExperienceTM, our award-winning learning design for SLII®.

The LAPII is a multi-rater assessment that provides clear descriptive feedback on critical leadership behaviors by reporting on:


An individual’s use of the 14 directive and supportive behaviors


Perceptions of leadership style

Thumbs up

The direct report’s level of satisfaction

An assessment like the LAPII provides a very useful snapshot for leaders. It illustrates their effectiveness in the use of directive and supportive behaviors by comparing results from their self-assessment with those from other raters—usually direct reports. Comparing self-perception against the perceptions of others can be surprising to a leader. After all, leaders know their own intentions—but direct reports can only go by the leader’s observable behaviors.


Online questionnaire, followed by virtual or Face to Face debrief 


Download the Leader Action Profile II® PDF overview here.

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