The Blanchard New Zealand team were delighted to be invited to last week’s Meet the Author session for Ken Blanchard Companies APAC Global Partners, which was hosted by Lael Good, the Co-Author of Blanchard’s Team Leadership Program.

Team Leadership – the Power of WE

Blanchard’s Team Leadership program teaches team leaders how to provide clarity, manage conflict, and build trust to successfully grow and sustain high performance teams.  The program links well with other Blanchard offerings – SLII®, Building Trust and Conversational Capacity.

Teams are the vehicle for organisational performance

High performance teams allow your organization to bring together the multiple skills, strengths, and experiences of its members to solve complex organizational problems, execute more quickly, make better decisions, enhance creativity, and produce consistently superior results.

Over 50% of our work is completed through teams which are usually composed of around 10 people.

The three advantages of High Performing Teams:

  • Improved collaboration – bringing together skills and experience that exceeds that of any single member.
  • Achieving superior results – empowered and accountable team members consistently meet their goals.
  • Increased innovation – by sharing ideas, team members are able to solve issues and develop innovative solutions.

The Team Leadership model works on the same framework as SLII®, but works on diagnosing a system rather than a person or task.


A leader has to have more Team leadership skills in todays hybrid working environment than ever before. 
SLII® focuses on the Trees
Team Leadership focuses on the Forest

Blanchard’s Team Leadership program is a skills-based, practical training program designed to teach team leaders (and members) how to provide clarity, manage conflict, and build trust to successfully grow and sustain high performance teams.

Based on years of research that analyzes the nature of great teams, Team Leadership teaches your managers the predictable stages of team development and the team leadership styles needed to move them forward quickly and successfully.


The program is available a variety of modalities to suit your learning needs; face to face in person workshop or  3x 2hr Virtual Instructor Led Training sessions.

If you’d like to learn more about how to lead successful teams in your organisation, you can book a 15-minute chat with us or email us at service@blanchard.co.nz.