At the recent interactive Ken Blanchard Companies webinar – 3 Keys to Working Together Effectively – participants were invited to share their thoughts about Team Leadership, and were asked for their experiences in the best and worst teams they’d been on, as well as completing several polls.  The webinar was well received and great feedback was shared.

Vicki Halsey, the VP of Applied Learning and David Witt, Program Director for Ken Blanchard Companies hosted the webinar, and introduced participants to the High Performance Teams Mindset:

  • Teams need Clarity above All Else
  • Teams embrace Conflict in order to Grow
  • Teams Thrive on Trust
  • High Performance teams lead Themselves

Also discussed were the 3 Key Skills:
Essential Success Factors—team chartering, alignment, setting norms, and gaining buy-in for team initiatives
• Diagnosing Team Development Stages—evaluating where your team is at and what it needs to move forward
• Dealing with Conflict—how to encourage candor and curiosity when discussing sensitive issues or opposing viewpoints

We’re happy to announce that we are running a Team Leadership Public Workshop in Auckland on the 5th of May 2021.  If you’d like to enrol, you can do so directly by clicking on the event, and choosing Register Now.

You can also get more information by clicking on the button below to learn more about the Team Leadership program, or by emailing us at service@blanchard.co.nz



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