Virtual platforms kept New Zealand going economically and socially during the COVID-19 pandemic last year! 

They remain an essential business risk-management strategy into the future. 

The introduction of the likes of Zoom/MS Teams/Skype and Adobe Connect meeting technology to bring teams together while working remotely became our new normal.  We saw the benefits for virtual delivery of training, particularly when the training is presented on fit-for-purpose frameworks with qualified virtual trainers and producers, and with professionally researched and designed learning content.

Elearning, or Online/Virtual Learning is ideal for globally dispersed employees, frontline team members, or individuals who just prefer to do everything online.  It also allows all your employees to have the same access to learning and development opportunities, whether they work at headquarters or work virtually.  And it offers your people a chance to develop the skills they need to grow professionally.


  1. Maximises Your Training Dollars – When training is delivered virtually, there are no overhead costs of travel, accommodation, venue hire. And if the content is recorded, learners can refer back to the session when they wish.
  2. Participant Numbers – an added benefit of the more people accessing the content, the faster and more likely those new learnings will become part of the embedded company culture
  3. Boosts Learning Retention – retention of learning can be between 15-50% higher than classroom training. Additionally, if the online session is recorded, the material can be referred back to as a refresher at any time
  4. Improves Engagement – as virtual learning experiences generally contain more interactive tools such as quizzes, videos and roleplays than classroom learning, it encourages greater learner engagement.
  5. Eliminates Travel And Minimises Health Concerns – virtual learning sessions eliminate the need for travel to a venue, therefore reducing health concerns associated with travel and being in large groups being unable to maintain safe social distancing.

Last year we converted some of our workshops that were planned to be held face to face to virtual.  We were able to do this quickly and easily.  Blanchard has over 20 years proven track record in virtual delivery, and experienced facilitators who are skilled delivering our award-winning content virtually.

Some feedback from some of our recent Virtual Training Session attendees:

If you’d like to learn more about online learning and how we can help you and your organisation, please get in touch with us at service@blanchard.co.nz.


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