“People’s inability and unwillingness to speak up lies at the heart of almost every issue and problem an organisation faces today.”

Ken Blanchard Companies recently held a Meet the Author session via MS Teams with Craig Weber, the author of the best-selling books Conversational Capacity & Influence in Action.

Craig shared some key tips and tricks about what Conversational Capacity is, and how it can benefit both organisations and individuals.

“You can have the smartest people around the table, but if the slightest difference of opinion derails meetings and hinders progress, you’re not getting access to their best thinking. Conversational Capacity teaches people how to engage in constructive, learning-focused dialogue when challenging topics or conflicts arise so they can make informed decisions and find the best solutions, even under high pressure”.

Awareness:  People need to switch on their radar to recognize when fight-or-flight reactions prevent real listening and create discomfort in others. This allows for a more intentional response to challenging conversations.

Mindset: People need a new mindset and to have positive intentions during the conversation. It’s not about winning, proving yourself right (or others wrong), or just being safe. It’s about exploring diverse perspectives and listening to contrasting views, because that is where greatest opportunities for insights and growth are.

Skillset: People need to learn four simple behaviors that are essential to Conversational Capacity: two that build genuine candor and two that build curiosity. Balancing candor and curiosity creates the conversational sweet spot.

You can learn more about the Conversational Capacity Program by clicking on the link below, or emailing service@blanchard.co.nz

Our next Conversational Capacity Public Workshop is in Auckland on 30th of September 2021, you can enrol here https://www.blanchard.co.nz/events/conversational-capacity-auckland/


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