Was it successful?

Measuring the success of a learning initiative is essential: It shows if it achieved its goals, yet only a fraction of organisations ever conduct evaluations or surveys. This oversight can leave senior leaders without the critical information needed to chart a path forward.

Measure the impact of a training programme, however, and you can increase its ROI significantly. That includes improved productivity, profitability, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement. It’s compelling information that inspires senior leaders to make greater investments. And we’re experts at conducting these evaluations and surveys on learning initiatives.

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Evaluations And Surveys That Empower

Extensive Experience

Blanchard has been conducting studies for decades to help clients maximise organisational performance.

Objective Analysis

Findings based on the feedback of your participants and those most impacted by the training initiative.

Seasoned Experts

Our team of leadership experts ensure that you get actionable information.

Evaluations and surveys rooted in best practices

Blanchard’s flexible strategy supports a wide range of measurement options:

Level 1

Did participants like the training?

Level 2

Did they learn the material?

Level 3

Did they change their behaviour?

Level 4

Did the new behaviours impact business metrics?

Level 5

Did the bottom-line impact exceed the training costs?

Level 6

Did the organisation’s climate maximise the training’s impact?

We can build evaluation strategies into your initiative from the start. This makes data collection easy and gives you critical metrics to accomplish your organisational goals.

Measuring impact

Blanchard offers four standard measurement strategies delivered in one of three ways—Blanchard can take care of all aspects of the measurement study for you, we can work alongside your team, or we can teach you to conduct your own study.

Success Case Method:

A qualitative study identifies the most/least successful cases and utilises one-on-one interviews to capture data on levels 1-4.

Simple Evaluation Method:

A quantitative study using levels 1-2 to determine if participants liked the training, learned the content, and increased their knowledge and confidence.

Standard Survey Method:

A quantitative study using post-training surveys to capture data on levels 1-4, focusing specifically on behaviour change and the impact on business metrics.

Detailed ROI Method:

A detailed quantitative study capturing data on levels 1–6 data with a focus on detailed business metrics, return on the learning investment (ROI) calculations, and the level 6 Climate factors that are minimising or maximising learning’s ROI.

Let’s discuss your assessment needs

Learn how we can help you evaluate your learning solutions’ effectiveness, in order to unleash your people’s power and put your company in the fast lane to success.

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