Blanchard’s SELF Leadership is designed to teach individuals—at all levels—how to be proactive contributors to your organisation.Transition them from disengaged to highly motivated. Move them from being responsive to responsible. Show them how to take initiative, to be innovative, and to solve problems.

Take responsibility for themselves and the organisation

Create a path toward peak performance
Ask for the support and direction they need to excel

Capitalise on their Points of Power to enhance leadership, communication, and performance

Create a path toward peak performance
Learn the difference between setting goals and achieving them
Master the art of managing up
Negotiate for increased authority and autonomy



Blanchard’s Self Leadership program builds on the world’s most widely taught leadership model, within The SLII® Experience, and integrates the latest research on the proactive skills required for individuals to be most effective. Team members learn a shared language for discussing their own development and performance, allowing them to have more effective conversations and build more trusting, open relationships with their managers.

This follows the Blanchard® format of Launch – pre work, Learn & Practice- one day workshop including videos, group activities and skill practices and Master – resources and support tools and activities to use back at work


Download the Self Leadership PDF overview here.


I really enjoyed this course. I liked the demos/examples to help remember the material and I think the skills that I have learnt in this course will help me a great deal in my workplace. I would recommend David as an instructor to those looking to take this course.

The course has given me some great skills and guidance for self-leadership in any situation. I now can break down a task or goal to assess my competence and commitment. This ability along with the conversation starters in the At a Glance booklet will help me to be an effective self-leader and to approach my manager when I need support or direction. Dave was an effective, enthusiastic teacher who tailored the day to suit our group. What could have been a very long tedious day was interesting and lively. Thank you for your enthusiasm and dedication to the session.

Self Leadership Trainees – Rayonier Matariki Ltd – August 2019

Engaging facilitator, knowledgeable and relatable. Great examples – Mark

A great insightful workshop – Carey

Great presentation and easy to take in – Carla

Self Leadership Trainees – Synlait Milk Ltd – December 2020

Great tool, and found it super motivational – Shalini
Great Course – thoroughly enjoyed! – Lee
The course work is amazing. Loved the videos, the course helped better understand how to decide on a goal and how to have a conversation around it – Rujutaa
Client Workshop – May 2021

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