Empower everyone to take control of their own success

It’s not just managers who have a big impact on business success. Individual contributors spend their days working with customers and handling all the day-to-day activities that keep your business running smoothly. They are the silent majority of your organisation, and building a sustainable business takes their motivation and commitment.

Our Self Leadership course teaches individuals the mindset and skillset they need to become empowered, proactive self leaders who take control of their own success and are committed to getting results for your organisation.

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Create a culture of self leadership to support and expand people’s potential

To succeed in today’s competitive markets, it’s vital that every employee in your organisation is empowered, proactive, and committed to achieving results. Our Self Leadership course teaches individuals at all levels of your organisation how to become empowered self leaders who accept responsibility and take initiative for their own success.

Blanchard’s Self Leadership programme builds on the world’s most widely taught leadership model, SLII®, and integrates the latest research on the proactive skills required for individuals to be most effective. Team members learn a shared language for discussing their development and performance, allowing them to have more effective conversations and build more trusting, open relationships with their managers.

Self Leadership teaches individual contributors the mindset and skillset needed to become proactive self-starters who know how to ask for direction and support, solicit feedback, and sell their ideas to the leadership team.

Delivery Options to Meet Your Needs

We can deliver Self Leadership in-person, as virtual sessions, as part of a learning journey, or delivered in a self-directed online version, so people can learn how to become self leaders wherever they are and whenever they have time.

In Person



1 Day Instructor-Led Course

The Self-Leadership in-person experience is a one-day course that uses a four-part learning path to ensure participants develop the self-starting mindset they need to move the organisation forward. Self Leadership teaches individuals at all levels within an organisation to learn the proactive behaviours required to:

  • Move from being responsive to being responsible for their role in the success of organisational initiatives
  • Solicit the feedback required to develop expertise
  • Take initiative in idea generation, innovation, and problem solving
  • Ask for the direction and support needed to achieve their goals 


LAUNCH — Engaging prework assignments, including an assessment which explains key Self Leadership concepts, and downloading the SLII® app.

Day 1

LEARN — Activities to define Self Leadership and Crafting a Personal Learning Purpose. Introduces the SLII® Model and a common language of leadership.  

PRACTISE — Participants practise the skill of Matching. They discover that being proactive means getting the matching leadership style from anyone who can provide the direction and support they need. 

PRACTISE — Participants review their Perceptions of Self Leadership assessment results and learn how to integrate and analyse their manager’s responses in their first One on One. 

Post Work

APPLY — Revisit the learning portal and access tools, including the Perceptions of Self Leadership Interpretation Guide. Prepare, schedule, and conduct a One-on-One Conversation with their manager.

Virtual Instructor-Led Course

The Self Leadership virtual course with prework assignments completed before the course, followed by three two-hour live virtual sessions. The virtual sessions offer learners an engaging experience that includes instruction, group activities, and opportunities to practise new skills.

  • Virtual session 1 prepares participants to learn the mindset and skillset of a Self-Leader, and challenge assumed constraints
  • In virtual sessions 2 & 3 learners develop new skills by completing activities based on personal work challenges 
  • Participants will have Online Tools to apply content and use with others such as Perceptions of Self Leadership Guide, SLII App, worksheets, videos, One on One Conversations Process Sheet, and Self-Leadership digital assets

Online Overview

The online overview provides people with a high-level look at Self Leadership. The module teaches several core Self Leadership concepts with exercises they can complete in a total of 35 minutes. It contains one- to five-minute micro-learning videos, interactions, and tools. These are for learners who need browsable tips and bits of knowledge for just-in-time help for moments of need. These flexible assets can be used to refresh or reinforce the content.

Online Programme

Self Leadership Online takes people through the essentials of Self Leadership. The content is broken down into seven modules which contain a variety of engaging videos, games, stories, and activities ranging from one to five minutes each. Learners can complete this content in a total of two and a half hours.

Online Programme with Launch and Debrief Sessions: The Launch and Debrief sessions are optional and designed to be simple to facilitate. You can conduct a Launch session to set the context for learning and create excitement. The Debriefs provide activities with an opportunity to practise online learnings, discuss their application, and share success stories.

Digital Activities

Set of micro-activities, including videos, interactions, and worksheets, that learners can access in moments of need to support ongoing learning, performance support, reinforcement, and custom learning journeys.

Self leadership renews employee engagement by delivering self-directed purpose

Research has revealed that

Employees who are not engaged or who are actively disengaged cost the world an estimated $7.8 trillion in lost productivity. And in 2021, just 21% of employees were engaged at work.(1)

  1. Gallup, The World's $7.8 Trillion Workplace Problem.
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Invest In Self Leadership To Empower Your Company’s Most Valuable Asset—Its Individual Contributors

The success of your company’s strategic initiatives depends on the commitment and proactive behaviour of those on the front line, the individual contributors who are responsible for executing and making it happen. When we empower individual contributors with the self leadership skillset and mindset, we build a healthy and engaged workforce that is accountable, innovative, and productive.

Accelerate Development

Self leaders take control of their own career development — they ask for the direction and support they need, moving up the curve to proficiency more quickly.

Reduce Cost of Sales

Empowered self leaders are more engaged and committed, consistently working hard and increasing performance across your organisation.

Drive Personal Accountability

Self leaders are not held accountable by their managers — they hold themselves accountable for achieving their goals and successfully executing your organisation’s initiatives.

Increase Innovation

Empowered self leaders know how to overcome constraints that limit their ability to solve problems, address challenges, and develop innovative solutions.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact us today to learn how we can help your individual contributors learn the skills they need to become self leaders.

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