An uncommon approach to leadership development

For over 35 years, some of New Zealand’s leading companies have entrusted Blanchard with developing their most valuable success factor—their people. We offer:

  • Field-tested leadership training programmes that have inspired millions of individuals worldwide
  • Practical content that is easy to remember and apply in the moment of need
  • Proven learning experiences tuned to maximise participant engagement
  • Learning materials and digital assets that are inclusive of and accessible to diverse employee populations
  • Content and learning experiences that help people develop both the hard and soft skills required to lead people in the modern workplace

Addressing leadership challenges

Effective leaders must learn a whole new skill set to adapt to changing market conditions, meet the evolving needs of their staff, and steer into change and innovation. At Blanchard, we’re always testing and refining our content, gathering learner feedback to ensure our proven leadership frameworks deliver the results leaders and managers need to succeed. We can help your organisation overcome today's leadership challenges.

Leadership Capabilities

Change & Agility

Diversity & Inclusion

Engagement & Retention

Personal Effectiveness

Organisational Performance

Teaming & Collaboration

Learning modalities that fit your needs

Organisations prefer different learning modalities to engage their learners, and we have them all. Blanchard's content modalities help organisations meet leaders where they are by offering a range of delivery methods that cater to different learning styles, preferences and needs. Our delivery methods include in-person workshops, online and virtual courses, assessments, coaching, and reinforcement tools. We help you provide your entire workforce with the opportunity to approach their leadership development learning journey in the way that works best for your organisation, whether it’s face-to-face peer interaction or online self-paced learning.

Team members looking through documents

The Blanchard Advantage

We start with the best leadership development ideas from research and industry experts, then apply our decades of experience to distil the essential concepts and behaviours and form them into amazing learning experiences.

Evidence-based Content

Our training programmes are grounded in decades of theory and research and validated through real-world application.

Distilled to its Essence

We refine our teachings to their absolute essence, then refine them even more to create key concepts that people can remember and apply when they need them most.

Complete Leadership System

We designed our leadership content and training as a complete interoperable system that teaches the fundamental mindset and skillset of modern leaders.

Proven Results

Thousands of organisations worldwide have successfully used Blanchard training programmes to develop millions of effective, compassionate leaders.

Invest in your next generation of leaders

At Blanchard, we believe that everyone deserves to uncover their hidden potential. We collaborate with the world’s most successful companies to develop their people’s leadership and management skills to meet their most pressing business needs. Our award-winning programmes create commonly-needed leadership and interpersonal capabilities. Our customised learning journeys are tailored to each company’s unique culture and goals to develop their next generation of leaders.

Are you ready to start your organisation’s journey toward an empowered, self-aware workforce that will become a long-term advantage your competitors can’t replicate?