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Team Leaders & Managers

Whether you’re just starting your leadership journey or want to hone your leadership skills, Blanchard can help you become an inspired leader.

L&D Professionals

Looking to make a transformative impact on your organisation and people? Our team of experts is always working to deliver dynamic yet time-tested solutions and learning experiences.

Training & Coaching Professionals

From a robust community of expert practitioners to a market-leading partner programme, we passionately support you in delivering Blanchard content and courses that inspire learners and realise results.

Innovative Solutions - Blanchard

Innovative Solutions Meet Your Most Pressing Challenges

Our simple yet transformative learning solutions are built to scale alongside organisational and individual needs, preparing people for the future of work. From dynamic learning journeys to online courses and one-to-one development, we meet learners where they are and inspire them to be the ultimate agents of progress and transformation.


Our biggest challenges are in

Experiences and Courses


Public Leadership Development Courses

World-class training to develop leaders that are efficient, productive, and committed.

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SLII Powering Inspired Leaders

Only those who lead situationally can inspire their teams to rise to the challenge.

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Fearless Innovation™

Harness the power of innovation, no matter your role.

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Coaching Essentials®

Essential coaching skills for managers and leaders

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Free Forum

Blanchard Community

A global online community that allows members to access discussion forums and virtual events

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Enabling Future-Ready Transformation

Whether you’re looking to provide guidance and support to new managers, or to help your experienced leaders create a more engaged and productive culture, we can help your organisation reach its goals.


Personalised, one-on-one, and team leadership coaching to help your executives, managers, and individual learners develop their leadership skills

Leadership Programs

Build your leadership bench strength, create self-motivated individuals, improve employee engagement, or lead a change initiative.

Customised Learning Experiences

We’ll partner with you, dive into your needs, and create a solution that unlocks your people’s leadership potential.

Public Courses

Leadership development and training courses held worldwide throughout the year, whenever and wherever it works best for you.

Online Management & Leadership Resources

Explore valuable articles, videos, and tools to address your leadership and management challenges.