At Blanchard® New Zealand we focus on Equipping Effective Leaders. We have worked at the cutting edge of leadership and organisational development for over three decades, and our group is characterised by stand-out individuals who perform in alignment with the Blanchard® brand ethos and business standards.

Our work is largely delivered in house though we provide some Public workshops. We are an approved All of Government  and Regional Partner Training Voucher Scheme Service Provider.

A good manager, or a bad one, affects every aspect of your organisation—employee engagement, productivity, turnover, and profitability. Having great managers doesn’t usually happen on its own. Managers don’t inherently know how to support, develop, motivate, and engage their people.

At The Ken Blanchard Companies, we believe that everyone deserves to have a great manager. As a leadership training and development company for more than 35 years, we’ve been training millions of the world’s best managers. Managers who know how to bring out the best in their people, create great places to work, and deliver real bottom-line results for their organisations.


Building leadership capacity at all levels of the organisation

Creating results-oriented, people-focused leaders improves performance and increases retention and morale to help deliver bottom-line results.

Developing high potential and emerging leaders

Mentoring high-potential talent and giving them the resources and skills they need to grow into competent and confident managers helps prepare for organisational growth. Teaching emerging leaders to lead with integrity and in alignment with organisational values allows them to understand themselves and become leaders that others want to follow.

Encouraging teamwork, collaboration, and innovation

A silo mentality and structure can stalemate innovation and growth. Improving individual accountability, cultivating teamwork, and learning how to influence others enables teams of all kinds—virtual, cross-functional, and global—to ramp up on projects faster, communicate more effectively, and move to peak performance more quickly.

Creating a culture of service excellence

Outstanding customer service is a competitive differentiator and poor customer service can be broadcast in a moment via social media. Empowering employees and cultivating a customer-focused culture lead to repeat business, rave reviews, and customer devotion.

Embracing and activating change

Change initiatives require strategy, process, and communication. Re-organisations, new executive appointments, mergers, acquisitions, and downsizing are all opportunities for change management. Sustaining momentum and commitment throughout the change initiative and addressing critical issues at each phase is a critical part of leading people through change.

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Keeping people motivated and engaged

Poor morale can block innovation, engagement, and discretionary energy. The key to engagement is the quality of a person’s day-to-day motivation. Creating an environment where people flourish through high motivation keeps people connected and they naturally want to contribute more.

Effective communication and high-quality conversations

Useful and high-quality conversations create and keep a connection between leaders and the frontline of the organisation. Providing guidance, support, and feedback as day-to-day problems arise improves morale and increases productivity.