Remote teams deserve inspiring leadership, too

Today’s workforce is increasingly working from home and other remote locations, with teams located across countries and time zones around the globe. As a result, managers need help to connect with their people through time lags and technology interfaces. It’s the new normal. And it comes with a new set of benefits and challenges.

Managing in this environment differs from working together in the same physical space. It can be challenging to understand what people need and even harder to build rapport and trust over long distances. Leading Hybrid Teams teaches the skills managers need to increase the effectiveness and productivity of their remote staff.

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Learn the mindset and skillset to lead a hybrid team

The future looks different now for many organisations and their employees, and the approach to leadership must adapt to this new reality. We’ve developed this online educational series to teach the key skills and strategies that world-leading organisations are implementing in this hybrid world.

We’ll cover new ways of thinking about leading hybrid teams and how trusted leaders in our organisations will be the key to continued growth, productivity and employee loyalty.

Delivery Options to Meet Your Needs

The Leading a Hybrid Team series is delivered as an online experience via AdobeConnect. The learning experiences include engaging materials and activities that teaches participants the mindsets and skillsets that are critical to leading hybrid teams:


Virtual Instructor-Led Course

The Leading Hybrid Teams course is delivered as six 120-minute sessions over six weeks.  The virtual sessions offer learners a highly engaging experience that includes instruction, responses, reflection, group activities, and opportunities to practice new skills in a safe setting. The programme also allows learners to share stories and best practices in their transition to managing others in hybrid teams.

  • Virtual session 1 covers the Benefits and Challenges of Hybrid Teams, Key Behaviours and Ways of Working.
  • Virtual Session 2 covers Digital Body Language and how to Nurture an Inclusive Team.
  • Virtual Session 3 covers Recognising Individual and Team Performance, Balancing the Workload and Continuous Improvement Tools.
  • Virtual Session 4 is an Introduction to Trust in a Hybrid Team, Recognising Low and High Trust Behaviours, the Building Trust Model and How to Diagnose Trust.
  • Virtual Session 5 covers Diagnosing Low Trust, How to Restore Trust when it’s Broken, and Creating a Trust Action Plan.
  • Virtual Session 6 is a Capstone Session, where learners will share stories learned over the last five weeks, and a Q&A Session with Trust Expert Randy Conley

Cultivate the potential of your remote teams

Research has revealed that

Remote workers are, on average, 20% more productive and half as likely to seek other jobs as those who work in a traditional setting.(1)

  1. 1. Stanford University, Why Working from Home is a a "Future-looking Technology."
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Learn The Unique Leadership Skills Required To Lead Successful Hybrid Teams

Leaders who practice being attentive and mindful, fostering community, and accelerating performance and development will see higher satisfaction, engagement, and productivity in their people who work remotely.

Boost Connection

Through more intentional and structured communication, strong virtual leaders can boost their connections with their people.

Improve Employee Engagement

Great leaders connect hybrid team members to the larger organisation by actively facilitating collaboration, creating a team culture, and building community.

Increase Autonomy & Empowerment

Effective virtual leaders increase their people’s resourcefulness and autonomy so they consistently meet goals and deliver results.

Ready to Get Started?

Leading Hybrid Teams is delivered as a virtual course. Contact us today to learn how we can help your leaders learn the skills they need to lead successful hybrid teams.

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