Connected learning experiences that empower leadership development

Blanchard’s learning journeys are blended leadership development programmes that unfold over time, weaving in an array of modalities to ensure we address the business outcomes you desire to achieve for your organisation. Our experienced consultants curate the most relevant and practical elements, both digital–articles, videos, podcasts, books, and online courses–and human, including virtual courses, keynotes, classroom workshops, coaching, and reinforcement sessions. Every learning journey builds on—and connects the lessons from—our award-winning content and frameworks. Learn how we provide learners with a comprehensive and focused experience customised to meet their unique needs, by weaving together a cohesive, structured learning path.

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Our Process

Blended Learning Approach

Provide learners with a comprehensive and engaging learning experience through digital microlearning, assessments, coaching, and in-person programmes.

Reinforcement and Support

Help learners apply what they have learned in their daily work by making debriefs, coaching, peer practise and feedback, and just-in-time online resources available.

Tailored to Each Learner

Customised for the learner’s job role, experience level, learning style, and organisational context to create a personalised learning experience.

Why Curated Learning Journeys Work


Tailored to individuals’ needs, and availability and access to learning.


Provide an interactive peer learning experience.


Common-sense tools and frameworks that your leaders can apply to their daily work.

Flexible Modalities

In-person, online, and virtual interactive training.


Assessments, quizzes, and projects that help learners evaluate their progress.


Playlists of resources support learners in times of need.

Learning journeys put learners at the centre

Practical Skills - Emphasises how to apply learning in real-world situations, with common-sense frameworks learners can apply immediately, as well as ongoing support and reinforcement to help transform their daily work.

Education that Evolves - Takes an iterative approach, continually refining and improving the learning experience based on learner feedback.

Customised for Leaders at all Levels - Provides relevance to the learner’s job role, experience level, learning style, and organisational context to create a successful learning experience

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Get started with curated learning journeys today

Every organisation has its own culture and challenges—so shouldn’t its approach to developing its leaders be unique, too? At Blanchard, we believe it’s critical to understand what leadership success looks like in your organisation and to build learning experiences that will prepare your people with the skills they need to get there. Learn how we can help you create a tailored or fully customised leadership development solution that unleashes your people’s potential and puts your company in the fast lane to success.