Transform and Extend the Learning Experience

Today’s learners are accustomed to instantaneous access to information and want their learning available on demand to address their immediate needs. Using award-winning technology, Blanchard offers a variety of digital programs and tools that allow you to deliver our world-class leadership training in a flexible, self-paced format that’s available when and where your learners need it.

With our online experiences, you have the ability to deliver valuable leadership training to all parts of your organisation. It’s the perfect solution for geographically dispersed workforce, frontline employees with limited time, and the new generation of digital natives.

Empowering Leaders to Transform Organisations

Explore valuable articles, videos, and tools to address your leadership and management challenges.

Supporting learning retention

Learning doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Learners juggle their everyday work and personal priorities, constantly. At Blanchard, we understand the importance of providing services that help keep learners engaged in their learning journeys and reinforce their ability to retain and apply programme concepts in the course of their work.


Ensures learning activities are engaging, creating a positive and effective learning experience, and are relevant.

Community Management and Moderation

Fosters ongoing engagement and collaboration among learners, encouraging peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing.


Empowers learners to identify their strengths and areas for development.

Reinforcement and Sustainment

Supports learners in applying learnings consistently over time, leading to lasting behaviour change.

Measurement and Impact Analysis

Provides valuable feedback to learners and organisations, demonstrating the effectiveness and ROI of the learning programme.

Management and Badging

Validates that the learning programme is effective, with a value that learners and stakeholders recognise.

Explore Custom Solutions

It’s critical that leadership development is connected with your organisation’s goals, culture, and other learning experiences. Our custom solutions created in Blanchard’s Design Studio will enable you to bring the power of our award-winning training to your people, within your unique company context, ensuring learners gain knowledge and skills that are directly relevant and applicable to their work.

  • Curated Learning Journeys
  • Customised Learning Experiences
  • Coaching to Support Learning Solutions
  • Executive Development Experiences
  • Content Integration
  • Talent Strategy
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At Blanchard, we take research-backed leadership concepts and break them down into simple, reproducible actions that people can apply to address challenging everyday workplace situations. But don’t just take our word for it—sign up for an upcoming webinar today to see how we make leadership development accessible to leaders at all levels.