Giving context for a more meaningful learning experience

Traditional leadership development programmes have good intentions but often end up missing the mark on achieving organisational goals due to one small omission—context.

At Blanchard Aotearoa New Zealand, we use a design thinking approach to help our clients to identify the core themes and values that can weave their training programmes together as a cohesive programme. These learning journeys immerse leaders in a series of experiences that allow them to apply what they learn in real-world situations. By infusing leadership development into people’s day-to-day work, we help you build learning initiatives spaced over time that engage learners and drive sustained behaviour change.

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Putting Leadership Development Into Context

Cohort Connection

Give people opportunities for peer learning and silo-busting conversations that become exceptional relationship builders.

Collaborative Approach

Collaborate to identify core training needs, build a human-centred design, then test and adapt based on learner feedback.

Tailored to Your Needs

Build a unique learning journey that delivers a personalised, flexible, and engaging learner experience.

Why Learning Journeys Deliver Results

Self-Directed Paths

Allow learners to go deeper where they need it most.

Multiple Modalities

Formats to reach your learners—wherever they are.

Customised at Scale

Tailored journeys reach local and global audiences.

Sustained Learning

Connect and build on each prior learning experience.

Strategic Alignment

Core skills needed to meet current and future business objectives.

Curated Resources

Proven content and tools to support learners.

Hear from one of our participants

Dylan Tucker, Operations Manager at New World Kerikeri, was a recent graduate of a leadership journey that took place over 18 months.  

Working in a small cohort and with consistent facilitators throughout the journey led to some great outcomes for Dylan and his fellow participants.

Hear what Dylan had to say about the experience and his key learnings.

Designed intentionally to meet your learners where they are

Our experienced Solutions Architects use a collaborative design approach and design thinking tenets to help organisations reach their people where they are at. We understand how to deploy technology and the latest instructional design techniques to address differing learner needs. We help ensure executive sponsorship, integrate our content into your existing development initiatives and platforms, build an engaging, elegant design, support the programme with a sustainment strategy, and implement measurement tools to complete the approach.

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