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Digital Learning Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Today’s learners want instant access to information and learning. Blanchard® offers a variety of online programs, digital learning journeys, and just-in-time tools that deliver our world-class leadership training in a flexible, scalable, self-paced format.

With digital learning solutions, you have the ability to deliver valuable leadership training to all parts of your organization. It’s the perfect option in the COVID-19 work-from-home environment. It’s also an ideal solution for a geographically dispersed workforce, frontline employees, and the new generation of digital natives.

Proven Content That Works

All Blanchard Content is based on the latest academic research and is thoroughly tested in client pilot sessions

Human Connection

Blended experiences combine online courses with live moderated sessions to spur interaction, collaboration and accountability

Designed for the Learner

Create engaging learning journeys that are meaningful and inspiring to different learner groups in your organization.

How We Engage Learners

💻  Modular Learning: Microlearning and practical tools for immediate use

💻  Self-Guided: Learners access content when it’s convenient for them

💻  Self-Assessments: Ensures learners discover, reflect, and refine

💻  Learn and Try It Out: Learn a little, then apply it to real work

💻  Collaborative: Learn from each other during live debrief sessions

💻  Curated Resources: Playlists provide essential knowledge in the moment of need

Blanchard Digital Learning Solutions


Our world-class leadership training programs are available in flexible, self-paced formats, letting participants learn and practice new skills when they have the time. They’re powered by award-winning technology, ensuring an engaging experience.

Designed in various lengths to support your learning goals:

  • ONLINE PROGRAMS 1- to 3-hour eLearning courses that include multiple modules with optional live virtual debrief sessions throughout
  • ONLINE OVERVIEWS 35-minute eLearning summaries
  • ONLINE CLICKS 1- to 5-minute microlearning videos, activities, and downloadable tools

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