ROBERT BRYCE - Mob: 021 222 5325

ROBERT BRYCE - Mob: 021 222 5325

Director & Consulting Partner

Robert Bryce has many years’ experience at the coal face in fast-paced management roles and more than 25 years delivering workshops, including Blanchard Training Solutions, to team members, managers and leaders in some of New Zealand’s most successful organisations. He is a relaxed and engaging facilitator and is passionate about helping individuals and organisations achieve to their potential. Robert’s specific area of expertise is in developing leaders, so they can create positive and engaged teams, enabling them to establish successful and effective cultures in their organisations.

Outside work Robert enjoys spending time with his family, music, photography and skiing. He is very involved in Badminton as a competitive player and administrator, currently serving on the Board of Auckland Badminton and as president of his club.

DAVID CORDERY - Mob: 027 507 4363

DAVID CORDERY - Mob: 027 507 4363

Director & Consulting Partner

David is a Company Director, accredited Consulting Partner and Master Trainer with Blanchard International in New Zealand.
An astute, amiable and committed provider of client services. He is a full-time Company Director, Consulting Partner and Accredited Leadership Facilitator with Blanchard International NZ.

As well as being fully accredited in leadership and organisational development with over 25 years as a Blanchard® Trainer, he is tertiary qualified with a BSc in Mathematics, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Psychology, a BSc (Hons) in Industrial and Organisation Psychology, and a National Diploma in Business.

His professional career background includes service as a commissioned officer in the Royal New Zealand Navy, followed by extensive consulting, design and delivery of Blanchard® solutions for a range of commercial business clients, and public organisations. He is experienced with credible results in working equally with all levels across organisations, from senior leadership teams to frontline leaders and individual contributors.


JAMIE ROSEMERGY - Mob: 027 213 5668

JAMIE ROSEMERGY - Mob: 027 213 5668

Authorised Consulting Affiliate, Blanchard® New Zealand


Ripple Coach and Facilitator

Jamie brings a sense of fun to everything he does and his contagious energy makes his training delivery enjoyably powerful. Participants feel confident that they are working with someone who has been there, done that and is always looking for smarter ways to get there, better, and faster.

His 20 plus years of relevant experience in leadership, recruitment and coaching and training began with service as a leader and trainer in the Royal New Zealand Navy, including Blanchard® leadership concepts and tools, followed by his industry career in business management, coaching, facilitation and account management across commercial and government sectors. From coaching and training business and teams, Jamie has a strong background in accountability, mentoring and strategic advice. Businesses coached and trained by Jamie have reached their business objectives and have gone on to win National awards in their field.

Through his career Jamie has applied Blanchard® principles and practices to realise positive results and he is excited to be able to share his experience and this amazing learning with others.

CAROLE PETERSON - Mob: 027 600 4448

CAROLE PETERSON - Mob: 027 600 4448

Authorised Consulting Affiliate, Blanchard® New Zealand

Brannigans People Consultant & Leadership Development Manager 

Carole is passionate about supporting individuals and businesses to demonstrate great leadership.  Having worked as an HR professional for nearly 30 years, she has a vast range of practical experience especially in the service sector, health sector and FMCG manufacturing. Some of her qualifications include Postgraduate Diploma in Rehabilitation (DipRehab), Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) – Human Resources, and NZIM Certificate in Supervision & Basic Management

As a strong advocate of behavioural safety, she has developed and facilitated leadership training and supported businesses to implement strategies, practices, and systems to keep staff safe and healthy in the workplace.

Carole believes in the value of culture at an organisation and has led projects to assess, build and implement plans for improvement.  She is a certificated Blanchard® Trainer and has experience delivering and implementing a Blanchard based Leadership Culture organisation wide.

As a coach she has supported many managers and supervisors to understand their strengths, motivations and leadership styles, and help people improve skills and better understand development and career options.

Her style is enthusiastic while practical and enjoys the opportunity to assist in improving engagement and trust in the workplace.

Her spare time is spent having fun with family, spending time with friends and training for adventures such as walking half marathons and biking.

PAM WESTHEAD - Mob: 021 824 110

Authorised Consulting Affiliate, Blanchard® New Zealand

Founder and Director of Westgrave Consulting Limited

A professionally trained consultant who has worked for several global consulting firms, Pam has significant international experience in Organisational and Leadership Development.  She spent ten years consulting in the UK, before moving to New Zealand in 2001. She has led consulting teams and delivered training workshops across five continents for the United Nations.

Her 25 years of consulting have included leadership training, executive coaching, recruitment and the design and delivery of Assessment / Development Centres. She was first introduced to Blanchard over 20 years ago in the UK.

Pam is known for her collaborative style, and strong client focus that ensures any solution takes into account the current and future needs of the organisation.

Her passion is enabling people to deliver great work, and she thrives off workshops that give people the tools and confidence to deliver individually and through others.

TIM WAITE - Mob: 027 282 5103

TIM WAITE - Mob: 027 282 5103

Authorised Consulting Affiliate, Blanchard® New Zealand

Owner – Tim Waite Coaching

Coach – Facilitator – Mental Wealth Advisor

Tim’s passion lies in this: “If you look after the people, the business will flourish; look after the people and their families will flourish and the community benefits.”

Tim has experience across the hospitality and retail and education sectors in a variety of roles – at the coal face and within management and leadership teams. This sparked a life-long interest in how and why people behave the way they do.  This curiosity and experience combines to unlock the potential in his clients, using proven tools and techniques that can be repeated easily.

Not one to ask you to do something he isn’t, Tim is constantly upskilling and looking for opportunities to continue his own professional development. He knows that bringing real value to his clients means he must be constantly learning himself.

This led to Tim becoming involved with Blanchard programs, initially through an interest in leadership theory, then using Blanchard concepts in development programs. Now he is looking forward to working with Blanchard NZ to continue equipping smart businesses with smarter people.

ANDY GRAVES - Mob: 021 246 2058

ANDY GRAVES - Mob: 021 246 2058

Authorised Consulting Affiliate, Blanchard® New Zealand

Director – Anchor Coaching

Coach – Facilitator

Andy has been facilitating and coaching for many years in corporate organisations in the UK and New Zealand.  He is the director of Anchor Coaching, delivering flexible and highly effective leadership and coaching solutions to clients in New Zealand.

Andy has years of corporate strategic human resource development experience, including:

  • Strategic business management and consultancy experience
  • Effective leadership design, development and facilitation of leadership programs
  • Relationship management with key stakeholders including executives, senior management, customers and suppliers
  • Performance improvement initiatives, including coaching

Andy believes in achieving high performance and outstanding results through building increased capability and inspiring targets in engaging and interactive ways. His goal is to enable his clients to excel in their goals, making them high performing, confident and capable individuals or teams.

Through Blanchard New Zealand and Anchor Coaching’s joined causes of equipping effective leaders for people, performance and culture, we are dedicated to providing you with only the best and most reliable services and solutions.

MALCOLM SUTHERLAND - Mob: 021 638 459

MALCOLM SUTHERLAND - Mob: 021 638 459

CMInstD, Chartered Company Director - Board Liaison, Facilitation Resource

   Enriching Governance Performance

Malcolm enjoys his collegial connections with the  succession business team whilst supporting their ongoing governance performance of the company.  Malcolm continues to be a facilitation resource.

Throughout his thirty-five year operational consulting experience and as the founder of the company in New Zealand he acknowleges the great privilege extended to him and his colleagues by exceptional client organisations across New Zealand and abroad in engaging his services on a vast range of strategic, governance, leadership and organisational development assignments.

Malcolm continues to provide specialised governance performance support and advisory services with various entities. At home in the country he has been seen swapping his business shoes for gumboots and getting into earthly rural chores.


KERRIE KING - Mob: 0275 390 527

KERRIE KING - Mob: 0275 390 527

Services Administrator


Kerrie administers the ‘back office’ operation of the Blanchard NZ business where on behalf of the company board she primarily attends to Secretarial Administration including accounting support, team collaboration and file sharing platform management, Marketing Communications, Event Administration, Governance Support and Stakeholder Liaison.

Kerrie King brings to the Blanchard New Zealand team experience in general business administration, systems and processes. She puts an emphasis on customer focused solutions – delivering efficient, effective administrative support.

With a seventeen-year background in sales support, data analysis and customer service in the New Zealand grocery industry, and more recently as a project administrator in the manufacturing sector, Kerrie has the ability to think ahead, come up with solutions on the fly and enact on them quickly.

Having completed an NZIM Certificate in Small Business Management she is looking to complete further studies. During her spare time, Kerrie likes to spend time with her family, exploring New Zealand’s untouched wildernesses and developing her photography skills.





Director Emerita (Retired)

Over her 20 years with Blanchard New Zealand Bridget fulfilled all roles in the Company including as the Executive Manager, Company Director – Finance, and the day to day operation of the Company at a management and administrative level. She has been a specialist coach providing coaching to support learning, and a Consulting Partner and Facilitator contributing to the capability of clients to make changes and achieve turnaround results in both favourable and unfavourable conditions.

This company wide experience provided a valuable resource to all stakeholders in the Blanchard business and clients requiring information and support at any level.



Emerita Associate (Retired)

For twenty-four years, Joan contributed highly valued and respected collegial wisdom, learning, humour, and perspective to colleagues within the Blanchard® organisation.

Throughout her tenure as an accredited Blanchard® Associate / Licensee Trainer, she facilitated exemplar leadership development workshops, advice and support for a broad range of clients throughout New Zealand, and across the Asia Pacific region.

She succeeded in getting the best from and for her clients through her natural facilitation skills, complemented by her warm personality that ensured participants engaged in their learning and development.


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