The SLII® Experience


For individuals in people and performance leadership roles including executives, managers at all levels, project managers, team leaders, and supervisors who want to increase their effectiveness in leading individuals.

Many organisations struggle to find solutions that increase productivity and results in their organisation. SLII® is a proven, time-tested leadership model that has been used to train over 5 million managers in the world’s most respected organizations. Giving your people what they need, when they need it accelerates their development—creating a more productive, passionate workplace.

Are you a Directive or Supportive Leader?

SLII® is based on 30 years of research, millions of hours of classroom training experience, and the best thinking in the learning development field.

SLII® drives improved productivity, reduced turnover, increased sales and profits, and can deliver to 10x ROI on your training investment.

SLII® has been translated into 15 languages and implemented in 35 different countries. It works at all levels of an organisation and across all industries.

SLII® satisfies the brain’s need for certainty, autonomy and relatedness, creating a safe workplace where employees are free to problem solve, innovate, and collaborate.

Learn a new language of leadership

Increase the quality and quantity of conversations
Develop others’ self-reliance


Two full days facilitated workshop time with on-line pre and post self-study sessions and tools to support learning, implementation and sustainment.


Download the SLII® PDF overview here.

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Evocca College logo
If you’re looking to align your leaders in a common framework for people development look no further than the SLII model. Simple to understand yet highly effective, the team at Blanchard have supported the growth of our team across the country and have always been able to go the extra mile when required. We have put our top 50 leaders through this program this year and we are already seeing measurable impact on the bottom line. By bringing everyone together with a common language we are avoiding those “lost in translation” moments and unleashing the full potential in all of our employees.

Steve Budd, Evocca College
National Manager of Learning and Development

“Good balance of learning, self-awareness and practice. Great to have time to reflect. I’m not completely convinced about not explaining “why” to D1s – but I’m a change manager so that is intrinsic to my role. Thank you!”
“A fun and interactive 2 days – could almost have been 3 days to give more time to practice”.
“I really enjoyed the pace. I was not bored and was completely engaged”.
“The facilitator’s energy was very effective in that he was able to sustain engagement without becoming loud or over the top. He was able to incorporate reflection into the learning. Very well paced and moderated.”
“Thoroughly enjoyed the two days. The training was informative and engaging and will be very useful in my role.”
“Really great course! Learnt so much about people leading – thanks!”

Vodafone New Zealand

“This program was valuable and will act as a prompt for me when considering how to deal with difficult situations, in particular with people ‘peers’ or subordinates. Being able to ‘adapt’ is the key. Good course, well run. Cheers.”
“Really enjoyable and very relevant. Learnt lots about my leadership style and how to improve.”
“Interesting interactive and great subject to cover.”
“This was a thoroughly enjoyable learning experience which I can’t wait to put into practice. Many thanks.”
“Great course: really enjoyed it. Wish I’d done it years ago, would have had a huge difference to my career.”
“Found this really useful and using practical writing of goals and conversations illustrated how I can transfer this to work. The videos were especially good illustrations of situations.”

Deloitte New Zealand​

“I can’t wait to facilitate the new programme! The videos took us all on a meaningful journey. Pleased to see this medium being used so effectively.”

AA Insurance New Zealand​​

Thames Coromandel District Council logo
“Very useful tools to take away. Very happy I was asked to attend and really looking forward to applying and passing on this new knowledge. Useful knowledge on how to approach and lead others.”

Thames Coromandel District Council

“As a new and fast growing company with a strong belief in good leadership, we wanted a company-wide framework that all of our Leaders and people could relate to. SLII has provided us with exactly that – a simple yet very effective leadership framework that can easily be applied in all situations- from the factory, warehouse or energy centre, to the office managers and the Senior Leadership team. SLII has become our ‘language of leadership’ at Synlait, with every leader receiving full training and all new staff being given a short overview of it.”

Tony Aitken, Synlait Milk Ltd
Organisation Development Manager

“Takeaway resources are a fantastic resource. Group discussion and reflection really beneficial.”


“Excellent concepts and highlighted improvements I can make to how I lead my staff and better support them, identifying their needs (development levels) for each task was a key learning.”
“Excellent two days. This was my first ever leadership course and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The tools are highly practical and applicable.”

“Great course delivered well, will be useful, can’t wait to apply techniques.”
“The variety of teaching methods – videos, exercises, examples, stories were really effective. The facilitator was great at answering questions and using the framework to demonstrate how it could be used in real-life situations.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the session. The material and techniques are easy to understand and apply. Many thanks.”

Nexans Olex

“Really enjoyed the two days. Felt comfortable as a new leader to be fully involved in class activities. Really enjoyed the venue.”
“The “theory” was put in a very practical ‘how-to’ way which made sense. The knowledge was turned into tools for daily use in both work and home life. It’s always interesting when a new door is opened to another way of doing something and suddenly new and exciting options are presented!”
“I was really looking forward to the course and it did not disappoint. I often thought that the problems and solutions in leadership courses would not apply to my 6 staff pharmacy but they do. I lacked the confidence to ‘manage’ my staff properly but now I have the tools to be able to do it.
I am looking forward to going back to the shop and putting things in place so we do not continue to have the same problems.


“We’ve trained more than 1,000 managers in SLII over the last 15 years. It’s a ‘must-do’ for our managers – a compulsory course on our training management curriculum.”

Philippe Baurant, Caterpillar (Belgium)
HR Specialist

“The bottom line is, we are becoming more effective in all facets of all our business and we can now see a time when we are all ‘walking the talk, not just talking it.”

Tim Smith, Lone Star Steakhouse and Saloon
National Operations Manager


“SLII is a foundational piece in our leadership curriculum. It allows us to validate that we’re moving the needle on leadership behavior. In the past two years, SLII has become the mainstay for developing leaders at Pfizer to diagnose, communicate, and partner for performance more effectively.”

Doug Trainor, Pfizer
Director and Team Leader of the LEAD Department

Rackspace is the number one managed cloud company. Everything we offer is managed and with top customer service that we call Fanatical Support. At the core of Fanatical Support is our front line Rackers and our Racker managers. This year we asked Blanchard International to help with training our Racker managers in SLII (SLX). Our managers had excellent feedback on the course and the SLX language has become ingrained in our management language. Following the course we’ve had a 26% increase in the number of front line Rackers who would promote their manager as a person to work for.


Leadership is about creating the environment that motivates people to reveal their magnificence every day. SLII and the Master of Science in Executive Leadership program provide potential leaders with the framework to become practicing leaders.

Garry O. Ridge, WD-40 Company
President and Chief Executive Officer of WD-40

Great course very applicable to my role as a leader.

Useful material and resources to improve my leadership and improve the outcome for my employer and employees.

SLII Trainee, November 2020

Very engaging, a good mix of facilitating and activities to keep the participant engaged – Jennifer

Great course and completely relevant to my role as a newly appointed team leader – Anne-Marie

SLII Public Workshop Trainees, March 2021

Material was really easy to follow and at the right level for our team to understand  – Tania
I found the course has given me a whole input into what I can learn and teach /share with my team/co-workers how to benefit more in and out of my work environment, I really enjoyed this course.  – Mona
I have done the course in the past but found this course has improved by giving information to take away and train with my team. I believe I have a better all round understanding of the course and can now take my training to the next level. (training my team) and us all talking the same language. – Corrina
The class was really helpful. Learned so many new things which thought really simple but has a significant impact on the performance of the staff  – Alwin
The course was brilliant. Robert broke things down into understandable and digestible sized pieces. – Caleb
Robert is an amazing facilitator, he is able to get the most out of participants, whether they realise it or not.  – Phillipa
I enjoyed both the sessions, and thought the delivery was great. I loved that Robert used his personal experiences to explain certain things and would be patient when we didn’t quite understand. – Taylor
SLII Client Workshops – April 2021

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